Most think of the weather in the UK as being wet and dreary, but with the climate change a lot of hot sticky weather has been enjoyed here up to a point. It’s great to enjoy this type of weather outdoors, but one wants the inside of their home to be a comfortable temperature.

The roof of the house can be beneficial in doing this if it possesses some cooling properties. Most are not going to have their roofs replaced just to achieve this, but a great alternative may be the application of a roof coating and focusing on the lighter colours.

Dark roof colours conduct the outside heat down into the house much more than a lighter roof does. This not only makes the environment uncomfortable, but if air conditions are being run, then they have to work much harder. The objective is to use a roof coating that possesses the most reflective qualities to help reduce the absorption of the heat.

Another problem with the roof that can occur in the cooler seasons is the loss of heat. If the roof is in really bad shape, then most likely the best alternative is to replace it. However, if it is just needs some minor repairs and cleaning, then this followed by a roof coating may be the most cost efficient choice. Even small leaks in a roof can leave room open for substantial heat loss.

If your roof has developed small leaks or is absorbing moisture, then this can spread throughout the home. The result is it feels damp and smells musty. Chances are, you may have to rely on a heat source to remove this dampness. Just running a small heater to take the chill out can end up being costly.

These are just some of the ways to expand your thinking of ways to make your roof add to the efficiency of your home without having to spend a bundle of money at doing it.


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