Anything that you can add to the roof of your home to help protect it has the ability to increase its life span. The question is how expensive will it be, and how long can the results be expected? One alternative that is proving to me a great solution for not only extending the life of the roof but has other benefits is roof coating.

Some people think of roof coating as a temporary quick fix and question whether this is the best route to go. When done properly with quality materials, exemplary workmanship, and professionals who know what they are doing, then the answer is yes it can extend the longevity of your roof.

Roof coatings can act as a great preventative. It can retard the growth of moss and bacteria that when left unattended plays havoc on the roof materials. This means however, that part of the coating application has to include an extensive cleaning of any moss and algae that may be present. Once the entire process has been properly completed it should allow the existing tiles to breathe so bacteria cannot form, and provide a resistance to new growth of the moss and algae.

An additional benefit provided you utilize an experienced and trustworthy roof coating company is the early identification of problems such as small leaks and tile lifting. When caught early enough, these can be easily repaired. Just this step alone adds to the longevity of the roof.

If there are questions as to the integrity of the roof coating then you have to look at the type of guarantee that is being offered with the service. If the company is prepared to back up their services with a guarantee, then you can be confident in knowing that it is a quality service and a quality product.


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